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I love my skin!

Do you all understand how important this is? Do you? So many dark skinned girls will look at this—or have seen this and will feel, even if by a little, better about themselves. Sometimes all a kid needs is validation from someone who is just a little bit like them in some way or form (you know that word “representation”?) so they can easily believe and SEE they, too, can get to that level of whatever in their life. In this case a girl can say, “hey she’s dark like me and loves her skin. I can too!” It’s one thing for someone in their everyday life to shower them with love and assurance that they’re fine in the skin they’re in, but it’s another thing to actually bare witness to it in the media you consume. It’s not just your mom being nice to you. The world thinks you’re fine the way you are too. This is so important. They need to see women like this everywhere. They need to see themselves saying they love what society says they should hate. They NEED, TO,
SEE, THIS. It’s revolutionary to say you love what you got and didn’t ask for despite the world telling you otherwise. So bless Sesame Street, man. The Whip My Hair bit from Willow and now the loving your skin color bit with Lupita makes them a SUPER important children’s program.

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positive lady characters meme | Martha Jones + powerful/feminist moment

I was 900% prepared for her to flip the bird for science in this scene like oh here’s the bones of the finger that I use to say ‘fuck you’

hey remember when we used to have companions who were actualized individuals and not just puzzles to be solved


Our Love Stage group from yaoicon


Skater version: Zelda, Midna, Link, Samus and Peach by Flying-Fox


It was a moment Anthony Carbajal will never forget: standing on the stage of one of TV’s most popular talk shows, fighting for a cause that touches him and his family profoundly. All while his mom looked proudly on.

Watch Anthony and Ellen do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and see the full interview here.


After one con finishes and you wait for the next one…


After one con finishes and you wait for the next one…

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A few shots in my Power Girl costume! No professional photos of it yet so pictures around my apartment will have to do for now. :) The rest of the photos are on my facebook! This costume was really fun to make/put together. Still need to make boot covers but I can’t wait to wear this to another convention! 



Oh my god I've just seen your cossplays and you are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E

Thank you so much <3 

I love your Vivi Icon too! Vivi is love~ <3 

I have to say this, your cosplays are freaking awesome, they all seem to have such great quality of costume and you take on the roles of the characters really well (at least in the pictures I've seen).

Thank you so much >////< I really appreciate it! So sweet of you to say~